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Suicide Prevention Month Graphics

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It can be frightening if someone you love talks about suicidal thoughts. It can be even more frightening if you find yourself thinking about dying or giving up on life. Not taking these kinds of thoughts seriously can have devastating outcomes, as suicide is a permanent solution to (often) temporary problems.

According to the CDC and NIMH, suicide rates have increased by 35% since 1999. More than 48,000 lives were lost to suicide in 2018 alone. Comments or thoughts about suicide — also known as suicidal ideation — can begin small like, “I wish I wasn’t here” or “Nothing matters.” But over time, they can become more explicit and dangerous.

We’re addressing an important issue that affects many people by launching our “You Are Not Alone- Together 4 Mental Health” Campaign with real individuals, survivors and those that have lost a loved one to suicide by sharing their stories of hope. Follow us in our social media as we reveal their powerful stories.

The purpose of the campaign is to bring awareness on suicide prevention and to let the community know that resources and help is available highlighting our NAMI Ending the Silence Program which directly speaks to our younger audience that is in need. The program will be provided for the upcoming school year with partnering schools.

Suicide Prevention Month Graphics

Suicide Prevention Month Graphics

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