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Mariah Downsizes Diva Requests, Refines Tastes

Posted Wed Apr 21, 2010 3:19pm PDT by Joe Lynch in Stop The Presses!

Mariah Carey is downsizing her backstage demands for her 2010 tour, but she’s come up with a new set of unusual requests to supersede the old ones. For a self-described Imperfect Angel, she certainly demands perfection.

One of the singer’s latest stipulations is that she not be bombarded with any “busy patterns” in her backstage living room. Floral prints, plaids, and stripes are out, but she can deal with “dark pink” furniture. Additional requests for her main space include two vases of white roses and “eight tall, leafy plants” to give her room that eco-chic ambience.

The updated list of demands recently released by also reveals that Carey’s taste in adult drinks has matured with time-at least if we compare it to the list they ran a few years ago. The R&B vocal athlete no longer demands a “box of bendy straws” for her chilled bottle of Cristal, and she’s not replacing them with curly ones,

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