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A 16-year-old allegedly attacked by eight Houston police officers says he was beaten so badly he blacked out.

Police arrested Chad Holly in the 8400 block of Cook Road on March 24. A security camera at Uncle Bob’s Self Storage captured the alleged beating on video.

In an exclusive interview with 11 News Thursday, Holley detailed and re-enacted what he says happened after police arrested him on a burglary charge.

The Elsik High School tenth-grader would not speak about the circumstances surrounding the charges, due to the pending criminal case against him.

“After I got out of the car, and I landed on the ground, after that, they started waving my hand like I was resisting arrest or something, and then they just started kicking me from there, and I blacked out,” he said.

Holley said he did not resist arrest. The teen claims he was face down on the ground while officers punched him in the face and kneed him in the back.

“I was scared at first,” he said. “I thought they were going to handcuff me and then just put me in the car, but after that they just started kicking me and made my head rush.”

After his arrest, police took the teen to a juvenile detention center.

At a news conference Thursday, his mother described what her son looked like when she picked him up after his arrest.

“He was just bruised right here,” said Joyce Holley as she pointed to the top of the left side of her face. “And his nose was fractured and he had a funny walk, like he was limping or something.”

Holly said after her son was released, she rushed him to the hospital, l where they spent the next 12 hours.

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