U.S. President Barack Obama is in Oslo to formally accept the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.   Mr. Obama began his stay in the Norwegian capital by paying tribute to one particular Nobel laureate of the past.

The president’s first stop in Oslo was the Nobel Institute, where he signed the guest book and reflected on former winners of the prestigious  peace prize.

Their photographs line one whole wall in the room where the signing ceremony took place.  As it came to a close, Mr. Obama spoke about the impact the 1964 prize had on the American civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.

“When Dr. King won his prize, it had a galvanizing affect,” said Mr. Obama.

Sensitive to criticism his accomplishments do not equal those of past winners, the president has described his own Nobel Prize as a call to action.

Newspapers here in the Norwegian capital carry on that theme.  One features a full front page picture of the president with the caption “the hope.”

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