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Smiling adds to one’s looks and personality- why not make it as bright and beautiful as possible? Follow these simple tips towards perfecting your smile, and show off those pearly whites!

Keeping Clean:

There are so many products available for adding that extra something to your smile.  In addition to brushing your teeth after every meal, throw some floss in your purse.  Put in a movie at night and wear some whitening strips during it.

Do not fear the dentist- If you’re taking care of your teeth regularly, a cleaning every six months will be painless.  The effects are long lasting and worth it.

Stay Clear of Stainers:

Need another reason not quit smoking besides the health repercussions? Your smile.  Smoking stains your smile, along with drinks such as soda, wine, and coffee.  Can’t get enough of these? Use a straw.  Try to brush after you drink anything that has the power to stain- can’t be too careful!

Dress For Your Smile:

Your teeth are only as white as your outfit lets them be.  Yellow and gold jewelery reflect on your teeth.  If you stick with silver and white gold, the shine in your smile stands out more.

When choosing lipsticks, brighter reds are always the way to go.  Orange and coral colors steal the show, while reds add to your smile’s potential.

Wearing white distracts people from the whiteness of your smile.  Add some contrast to your wardrobe! When you want to wear a light color, go for the off-white.

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