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Anyone who’s ever moved knows how stressful uprooting all that stuff can be. Another thing they know? How thankful they are for their movers. Between maneuvering heavy furniture down treacherous staircases and hoisting giant boxes of books on each shoulder, movers complete feats that seem unimaginable to the rest of us. But even though they make it look easy, there are plenty of ways you can make their job go more smoothly.

1. We Expect a Tip If We Do a Good Job

“It’s really impolite to say ‘Excuse me, ma’am, I want a tip.’ So we never ask. But if we did a good job we do expect to get a tip at the end of the move––especially because that’s part of our salary,” says Gene Lemay, CEO of Moishe’s Moving and Storage in New York City. According to Stephen Coady at Gentle Giant Moving Company, a common guideline for tipping is $3–$5 per mover per hour. And if you think a snack or beverage will do the trick instead, think again. According to Brad Armstrong, CEO and president of Blue Whale Moving Company in Austin, “Movers don’t want pizza!”

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2. Reserve Movers at Least 3 Weeks Ahead of Time

According to Lemay, about 40 percent of the year’s moves happen during the summer and on weekends. Avoid getting stuck without movers—or having to call around town trying to find someone to help you haul your stuff at the last minute––by planning ahead. Or if your dates are flexible, consider moving in the middle of the month or week.


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