In today's funny news, we learned that comedian Corey Holcomb has stepped into the relationship therapy and will be giving people relationship advice!

New research reveals that the average football fan will eat over 10,000+ in calories and 180 grams of saturate fat during Super Bowl Sunday.

In other news, Blac Chyna is still battling the entire Kardashian family and a judge denied R. Kelly’s request for the names of his latest accusers. Gary’s got the detailed tea inside!

Reports say that the average person wakes up at 7AM.

The flood gates opened when a white lady mistook a baptism at a Black church as somebody being drowned. Listen to Bernice Jenkins explain inside!

Rock T’s joke today was actually pretty funny! Watch him explain why diarrhea might be hereditary inside!

Financial expert Jini Thornton says tax rates, lists where you can file for free and more.