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The atmosphere is busied from the crowd pumpin’ and the music thumpin’, but from afar you catch his gaze as he catches yours. You don’t mean to stare, but you do entranced by his handsome appearance superior to those around him. You break the stare and continue on hoping he’s still watching you. You pretend to be surprised at the soft touch on your shoulder when he approaches to introduce himself. You’re receptive even without knowing him at all. His cologne is just right not too strong, his look is kemp and clean, and thus you continue to converse.

Usually, she goes to this place for fun with friends, never purposefully seeking a mate. From that introduction stemmed a relationship that may bud into something more serious.

What, then made this man fair out so lucky with this girl? What made her behave differently than she usually would just to speak to a stranger?

Whether we like it or not, or whether or not its a fair descriptor of our character, we are often first judged on our appearance. Though some may deem it as superficial, the truth is, people who look nice are deemed as more capable, intelligent, and thus receive better treatment.

So, how can you wooh the woman you see from a distance? What is a sure-fire way that if nothing else, you will at least have her attention?

Well, we’ve researched and found information from on what it takes to suit up properly. Just try it and see if it doesn’t make the difference. Remember though, nice attire can’t make up for a not-so-nice attitude.

Smile, be confident, and look, smell, and be nice!


Click Here & learn to suit up properly and everything else follows.

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