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Now I know some of you youngins may not be familiar with Teddy P so let me share a little background about the man who probably influenced some of your faves. Oh and, since it is 2020 and some of your are young AF maybe Teddy P influenced your favorite singer’s favorite singer.

Teddy was what many women considered the total package, not only was he easy on the eyes with a great personality, his sexy baritone voice was a pantie dropper before Trey Songs was even conceived.

Today, it is hard to find a voice and a presence like Teddy P because most musicians are more interested in the genre of hip-hop instead of R&B. However, there are still a few male R&B singers who have taken a page from Teddy Perdergrass’s book and are singing the language of love. Check out some of his sexiest and stylish moments, on his birthday (March 26) whew chile!

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1. Track Suit Teddy

Track Suit Teddy Source:Getty

Teddy was confident in anything he wore. Whether he was in an Italian suit or a Lacoste track suit, the ladies loved him all the same.

2. Suited & Booted

Suited & Booted Source:Getty

Teddy could dress down in sweats or be tailored in a velvet suit and please the ladies all the same.

3. White Party Ready

White Party Ready Source:Getty

Black man in white silk. If you zoom out, you can see the panties from stage (just kidding).

4. Sex Symbol Teddy

Sex Symbol Teddy Source:Getty

Clad in a white towel and yellow boxier briefs was such a fashion statement back then.

5. Chill Teddy

Chill Teddy Source:Getty

Who knew a jersey t-shirt could look so good and fashionable.