If you’re like many who have to work today just click the link and get live Super Bowl coverage.  Click here for SUPER BOWL XLIX live.

John Legend & Common both won their first Golden Globe award! Their song “Glory,” which is featured in the movie Selma, won Best Original Song last night at the Globes.  Prince presented the award and you can watch their incredible acceptance speech above.  

P. Diddy did a series of motivational Instagram videos encouraging his fans to do it big in 2015. You can watch the NSFW video above.  S/O to iGotTheDirt for the YouTube video.

I was watching ABC’s This Week yesterday morning (Jan.4th) and they were talking about how it’s going to be a rough flu season in the U.S. this year. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said, “If you look at the trajectory, it’s not going to be a […]

So what happens when life gets in the way of your New Years Resolution to get Fit?  Don’t worry we’ve found a great month-to-month guide that will keep you on track for all of 2015.  Click here for your Month to Month Guide. 

If you have Direct TV, look forward to a price hike in 2015.  According to Variety, In something of an annual tradition, the satellite television programming service will raise prices for all programming packages effective February 5th, 2015. The increases are expected to be range from 3.5 percent to six percent. So, if you see […]

If you’re tired of making big plans to get fit in January only to meet big disappointments come March, then let me tell you one…

With a 630-acre playground, Grand Theme Park is said to open in 2015. For years people have been dreaming of next the Six Flags Astroworld,…