How often do you drink? Well, according to UPI, Researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital and Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) examined the brains 60 people who had recovered from histories of long-term alcoholism, and 60 nonalcoholics. They found evidence that alcoholism can impact the reward system centers of the brain in women differently than […]

Booze and sex go hand in hand, so it makes sense that a new study finds that raising sales tax on alcohol can help lower STD rates.  An article in Newser says, Published in the Journal of Preventative Medicine, researchers discovered that when Maryland raised its alcohol sales tax from 6% to 9% in 2011, […]

If you just want a beer after spending time at the gym, you’re not alone. According to Yahoo, Two new studies suggest there’s a link between exercise and drinking. In the first study, Pennsylvania State University researchers discovered an “unequivocal correlation” between exercising and then drinking, most notably when the workout was particularly strenuous. The […]


Many connoisseurs and aficionados came on out and joined Majic 102.1 at the 2nd Annual 2015 Houston Whiskey Festival being held at the Bayou Music Center on March 21st.   There were seminars, a serious cigar lounge, and live brass bands to provide information, entertainment, and atmosphere to enjoy the fine selection of spirits at […]

Via I’m always running across articles that help improve your health.  Now, thanks to find out when to say when….before turning up your favorite adult beverages.  You may be surprised!   Read more

It’s the morning after  New Year eve and you are down on your knees praying to the toilet and the first thing you say is I’m not going to ever drink like that again, well if this is you here are some things that can help. Click here to read The 7 Best Foods And Drinks […]

(GALVESTON, TX) — People aboard cruise ships who buy alcohol and tobacco being advertised as duty-free are apparently not getting what’s being advertised. Mark Hower…

(HOUSTON)– Bid adieu to boring dinners as Barcelona Restaurant & Lounge opens in Vintage Park. Located in Northwest Houston, this new spot restaurant by day and all party…


(HOUSTON) — Grief counselors will be at MacArthur High School in North Houston today in the wake of the death of a teenage girl at her…

According to a new World Health Organization (WHO) report, dangerous alcohol consumption was responsible for 3.3 million deaths worldwide in 2012. “This actually translates into…

It’s Called   Neknominate, this game is a long way from the old college drinking game I knew called quarters. This is all about  a person recording them self drinking a crazy strong drink in a short period of time then they post it on social media and challenge a particular person on line to break there […]

Rise your glass!  Here’s another interesting story from FOX News, It’s flu season, and a new study finds alcohol may give the immune system a boost. To find this, researchers divided 12 rhesus macaques monkeys trained to drink alcohol into two groups. All monkeys got a smallpox vaccination, but one group had access to alcohol […]