In an effort to protect young girls from sexual harm, are we taking away their autonomy?

Health Tips: This Is What Happens to Your Body If You Drink Lemon Water Each morning when I drop my two year old off for breakfast at his new school, I noticed that the first thing the cafeteria attendant hands him is a shot cup of water. It didn’t register to me at first, but […]

From Pulse of Radio, Former super model Naomi Campbell graces the cover of the latest issue of Shape magazine which hits theaters on March 24th. Campbell explained, “I’ve been on almost every magazine in existence, but this is my first time posing for Shape, and I’m thrilled. Of course.  I wish I had done it when I was younger, […]

Gym mat death shocker: Body stuffed with Newspaper One of the hardest things in life is for a parent is to find that their child has died. An even harder pill to swallow is finding out that what originally was supposed to be an “accidental” death, is not so accidental. 17 year old Kendrick Johnson was found dead […]

Reports say that a Beverly Hills police sergeant took a peek at Whitney Houston’s after she died.  According to TMZ, Officer Brian Weir has claimed that the sergeant removed the sheet covering the singer’s body below her private area and said, “Damn, she’s still looking good, huh?” The cop allegedly added that Whitney “looked attractive for a woman of […]

Serena Williams is on the cover of the July Body issue of Essence Magazine and she has opened up about her body image. She said, “It can be a bit weird. Before it was, ‘Serena has a big butt,’ and that was all. Now there are way more people who feel comfortable with themselves and they’re saying, ‘I’m […]


See what our friends ant have to say about the effect of Time change on our bodies. Click here to READ MORE.

Officials are waiting for the results from an autopsy to determine what killed a man in Houston’s Fourth Ward Friday night. He was found dead…

Published reports indicate that the Stafford police department in collaboration with Fort Bend police are investigating an incident involving a newborn’s body which was found…

Just because the area below are necks is rarely exposed, doesn’t mean that it should be neglected. If you knew that skin was the largest organ (which it is), then why wouldn’t you care for it from head to toe? It makes sense that our bodies are rarely, if ever, given as much attention because our faces are usually the most exposed part of […]

While ankle injuries like sprains and breaks are common in our society (especially for those avid athletes and children whose bones are still growing), is this necessarily something that SHOULD be expected to happen? I was just reading an article about how obesity can cause a strain on the feet (as well as the knees, […]

*Janet Jackson says she continues to have issues with her body image.