The color of your napkin can apparently influence the flavor of your food. According to an article in The Daily Mail, Napkin brand Tork partnered with Swedish food stylish and chef, Linda Lundgren, who paired dishes with a range of colored napkins. Lundgren claims, for example, that to make a strawberry shortcake taste sweeter you […]

This is bizarre.  According to Gizmodo, Thomas Ross, of Florida, scribbled together a patent application for a device in 1992 and is now claiming that Apple stole his design, so he’s suing the company for over $10 billion. The patents are no longer applicable because Ross failed to pay the registration fees. The U.S. Patent […]

You hear of bears attacking humans, but you don’t usually hear about deer doing the same thing. However, according to Yahoo, That’s just what Cindy Frost of Mentor-On-The-Lake, Ohio says is keeping her insider her home like a “prisoner.” She says a doe charged her last week as she took her dogs out, and she […]

Today is Friday the 13th.  I always wondered why Friday the 13th was considered a scary day or a day of bad luck.  So, where did fear of Friday the 13th originate? According to, Christianity. Those in the religion believe Jesus was crucified on a Friday, so the day is considered a bad omen. […]

Here’s a funny-not funny story from the Mirror in the UK, Hackers in Brazil took over the arrival and departure monitors at a Brazilian bus terminal and broadcasted 15 minutes of hardcore pornography.  Officials are currently attempting to track the hackers through their IP address. Man, that’s messed up.  I hope weren’t any kids around. […]

5 Funny, Crazy, Sexy Things People Do in Elevators Ever seen funny or embarrassing footage on the news, where an unsuspecting character is caught doing something crazy while inside an elevator? Have you ever bust a move in the elevator, thinking “no ones watching?”  For the record, I’ll go ahead and put it out there […]

Here’s a funny, not funny, story about a father who shot his son in the ares. A man in Louisiana is under arrest for shooting his son in the buttocks over an argument about the lack of orange juice in the house. The father said that the son damaged his home, and broke a vase. […]

Via Botched: I was watching my favorite new show ‘Botched’ yesterday and couldn’t believe my eyes.   Toby Sheldon spent a small fortune to look like Justin Bieber   OMG!!!  Click here  to see how much Toby looks like Justin Bieber.

The Huffington Post has reported that a California prisoner has claimed that Beyonce, Jay Z, Kanye West, Rihanna and Chris Brown have collectively stolen 3,000 of his songs while he was in jail.  Richard Dupree has said that Bey and Jay have been working with government agencies to steal his catalog. Breezy, Kanye and RiRi have been accused of assisting the couple and the […]

World’s Tallest Tower

Whoa! James Downs was out fishing and about to reel in his favorite fish, when a bull shark came out of nowhere, or so it seemed, and stole his dinner! The shark devoured the Grouper fish in one fell swoop, leaving Downs with only the head. His initial reaction was not fear of the shark, […]

Here’s a bizarre story.  According to the Washington Post, Portland Police were called to rescue a family from their 22-pound cat after it became aggressive and attacked a baby. The family called 911 on Sunday night (March 9th) before they were able to lock themselves in the bathroom with the baby and the family dog. […]