I came across a great article on madamenoire.com that brought up the point: “women tend to forget that dating isn’t just about getting chose. We choose too! — or at least we should be” Read Here The moral of the article was that as women, we spend so much of our time and energy on […]

The atmosphere is busied from the crowd pumpin’ and the music thumpin’, but from afar you catch his gaze as he catches yours. You don’t mean to stare, but you do entranced by his handsome appearance superior to those around him. You break the stare and continue on hoping he’s still watching you. You pretend […]

Health and wellness seems to be all the buzz now with the fun-interactive work-outs, celebs sharing pics of their work out sessions, fashion- froward work out attire, segments on our favorite day-time talk shows dedicated to fitness all show us this movement is strong and is going to be around for some time. Where are […]

We must nurture our children with confidence. They can’t make it if they are constantly told they won’t. –George Clements                                        On this day,  I will compliment my sons on atleast one thing well done,  or express,  in a more general sense,  confidence in their abilities and intelligence. Read more…

Ego is acting like you’re all–that.  Like they say on the block, “all-that.” Can’t nobody touch you. Confidence is knowing who you are. –Shaquille O’neal On this day, I will take five minutes to think about the learning and social style of my sons and decide whether I need to step in to boost confidence […]


This morning on my way to work, something interesting happened that made me think more critically about how time and change are interconnected. I was walking on the train platform at a quarter past eight as usual when I turned around and saw someone I had not seen in at least three years. We both […]

I believe in talking with children, taking time with them, taking them to places of interest, doing things together. — Maggie Comer On this day, I will take five minutes to talk with my sons about something of their choosing, and I will be sure to answer all of their questions thoughtfully. Read more…