Earth Wind & Fire stopped by Majic 102.1 studios while in town for their tour. Uncle Funky got a chance to catch up with Verdine White and Ralph Johnson of Earth, Wind And Fire. They talked about some of their early musical influences, which artist they like now and the present state of RNB. Check it out below!  

Check out Earth Wind & Fire’s holiday remake of “December”!  

Thinking of all the living things on Earth– plants, animals, insects, bacteria– everything– how many different species would you guess there are? According to Mashable, Indiana University researchers used the laws of math to come up with an estimate that includes both micro and macro life, and say there may be as many as 1 […]


Need a little extra time today?  Well, you’re gonna get it in a second.  No, really, one second of extra time you will get today. A “leap second” will be added on today, June 30 at midnight Coordinated Universal Time (or 8 p.m. EDT). Leap seconds are added occasionally to help keep the atomic clock […]


Google Maps is most likely already in your hand or pocket but few make good use of it.  Well, now the ‘Street View’ function lets you go underwater and swim with whales and sharks.  Click here for More.

In these discouraging times in the world and these hard times for R&B music, it’s a relief to know you can still count on one…