Marcus Davis touched on Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis on Sunday Morning Live, but took to his personal Facebook page to expound on his comments. Dear Kim Davis and friends As the anticipation built about you returning to work today, it made me reflect on your days of denial…..the day you stood before citizens of […]

Join the conversation on Sunday Morning Live when activist, Fran Watson and political strategist Ron Jackson discuss the embattled Houston Equal Rights Ordinance. The legal wrangling surrounding the ordinance championed by Mayor Annise Parker will appear on the ballot in November. Watson and Jackson join host Marcus Davis to discuss the merits of the ordinance […]

Sunday, March 8 was International Women’s Day and while many gathered to march for the rights of women, the movement made its way to social…

Houston TX Mayor Parker and the City Council is currently considering an ‘equal rights’ ordinance which would allow men and women to use restrooms and shower rooms designated for the opposite sex, as long as they identify with the opposite gender what are your thoughts? Read More