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Marcus Davis touched on Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis on Sunday Morning Live, but took to his personal Facebook page to expound on his comments.

Dear Kim Davis and friends

As the anticipation built about you returning to work today, it made me reflect on your days of denial…..the day you stood before citizens of Kentucky and denied them of their rights

I specifically reflected on your choice of words during one encounter

You said your CONSCIENCE wouldn’t allow you to issue the license……and when asked you stated you were operating under GOD’S AUTHORITY

QUESTION: When you say GODS AUTHORITY im wondering which god you are referring to

-is it the god of abraham “the father of many nations” who violated the sanctity of marriage by sleeping with his wifes servant

-is it the god of Solomon “gods wisest man” who violated the sanctity of marriage with 300 wives and left home to be with his 700 side pieces

-is it the god of david “a man after gods own heart” who violated the sanctity of marriage by sleeping with Bathsheba….getting her pregnant……tried to make Uriah think the baby was his…….and then MURDERED URIAH because he wanted to make his whore his housewife…..or should i say ONE of his housewives, after all he did have EIGHT




-during your previous marriages and divorces -during the years you were having children out of wedlock

Where is your CONSCIENCE

-when offering services to those that have committed OTHER sins, why does your CONSCIENCE allow you to deliver services to liars thieves fornicators adulterers etc

-with regard to the sanctity of marriage..

where is this CONSCIENCE when issuing marriage licenses to those that have divorced and attempting to remarry