The Christmas Tree Is Not An American Original Of all the people that celebrate Christmas, few know anything about the history of Christmas trees and why people have them as part of their Christmas décor.  The Christmas tree did not originate as an American custom. The idea of setting up a Christmas tree as part […]

If you are like most people, you began 2016 with many goals. What goals did you set?  Maybe 2016 was the year you were going to get a better job, slim down, eliminate a bad habit or meet the perfect mate. Did You Achieve Your Goals in 2016? 2016 is over. Did you achieve your […]

New year, new you, right? The start of a new year often brings high hopes for many–whether it’s working out, eating healthy, answering emails, getting…


The holiday season is upon us with calorie-laden goodies lurking around every corner. Between the beautiful lights, the crisp snow, gift shopping, and all the fun gatherings we get wrapped up in the whirlwind of the year-end festivities. Suddenly, managing our weight and maintaining our exercise routines slip further and further down our priority list. […]

Via: This New Calendar Year has gotten off to a very exciting start for the Gospel Music Industry find out how right here.

As you know, over the Christmas holiday, I had hip replacement surgery. I want to thank my friend Skip Murphy for sitting in, doing an excellent job and keeping things “on the one.” Fly Jock

Tired of making New Year resolutions? So are we. So, has comprised a list of resolutions we’d like to see other folks make for 2012.

It’s that time of the year when most of us become ultra conscious of all the things we have been doing wrong in our lives and vow to fix them beginning January 1st – or January 15th depending on whether or not your resolution involves procrastination.  

It’s 2011, and what better time to build a great new body. By exercising three to five times a week for at least 30 minutes (make at least two of those workouts strength training) you can have the body you want in no time. Winter: Base-Building and Boredom-Busting Your resolutions probably came with a regular […]