On Monday, January 18, 2016, the North Houston Frontiers Club hosted its annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Breakfast at the Hilton Americas-Houston Downtown. This marked the twenty-eight anniversary of this event and became a very special occasion. The Keynote Speaker, Dr. Virgil Woods, a civil rights activist, educator, and former friend and colleague of […]

Iconic rocker and musician Phil Collins was in town Wednesday promoting his new book titled, The Alamo and Beyond: A Collector’s Journey. Collins, who was…

There’s one thing I hear from brides ALL THE TIME: “I don’t want my wedding to be a hot mess!” Everyone’s been to a wedding (or at least seen one on YouTube) that falls into this category. After you spend all of the time and money planning the big day, you absolutely do not want […]

After you’ve selected your wedding invitations, you start to stress about who will show up. Will guests RSVP? Will they bring extra people with them? Will I end up with enough tables and chairs? No bride wants to have THAT wedding. You know…the one where people talk about you like a dog and how you […]

A few years ago, I did an AMAZING wedding for a couple. They were very creative and open-minded…one of my favorite types of couples. They didn’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on their wedding, so they were open to some unique ideas. Suggestion 1: Get married in the morning. This is where […]

OMG! You’ve gotten THE RING!!!! Ok. Now what? Most brides do a couple of things first. I’ve seen brides who run to the store and buy every wedding magazine on the shelf. Some brides immediately start trying on dresses. Others start zipping from one side of town to another to scope out their potential venue. […]

I’ve worked with so many brides over the years who want to have alcohol at their wedding, but they can’t afford to provide an open bar. They always ask, “Can’t I just have a cash bar?” NO! Okay…let me explain myself. Imagine that you’re going to a dinner party at a friend’s house. When you […]

Many brides grumble at the thought of feeding wedding vendors. I’ve heard them say things like, “I’m paying this person thousands of dollars! I have to feed them too???” The answer is simple. Yes, you should feed them. Many of your vendors are with you for an extended period of time on your wedding day…specifically, […]

Apple today issued a lengthy statement about the iPhone 4 and its supposed reception problems. Apple said it was surprised to learn of the signal problems, as its own tests showed the iPhone 4 to have the best reception of any iPhone Apple has shipped. Apple reasserts that holding any phone and covering the antenna […]


Today is International Woman’s Day and President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are hosting a reception at the White House to mark the occasion.