Any celebrity looking to marry a common individual, contact Ruben Studdard’s attorney. Ruben Studdard’s divorce from Surata Zuri McCants was finalized a few months ago and the terms of divorce have leaked. Studdard is leaving his marriage with everything he came with, including the engagement ring. When divorce proceedings began due to irreconcilable differences last year, Studdard’s legal team […]

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Well like any other Hollywood artist, he documented his divorce in his new song called ‘I’m Single’, he sings this song and also ‘Why You Wanna Change Me?’ on the TJMS, take a listen to him as he croons the ladies.


He may not be the most high-profile “American Idol” winner, but Ruben Studdard has been keeping busy. He’s just contributed his gorgeous vocals to a new gospel album that benefits arts programs for young people at The Black Academy of Arts and Letters, a 250,000 square foot, Dallas-based institution that’s been in operation for 34 […]

What’s going on with the ever huggable, so loveable Ruben Studdard? Well says he is scheduled to be a part of TV One’s “Life After.” “Once a choir boy, R&B crooner Ruben Studdard became American Idol’s first African American winner during the show’s nail-biting second season, edging out runner-up Clay Aiken. Read more