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Whether it’s saving for the holidays, a major purchase or for emergencies, use this simple guide to help you capitalize on these savings and keep more money in your pocket.


In today’s “Money Mondays” segment, Mellody Hobson discusses the link between fitness and money. You are here this morning to talk to our listeners about…

I’m always kind anywhere I go not because I’m trying to get something extra but it’s the Godly thing to do but I have to admit in my kindness I have been bless with some people going the extra mile for me but I also hear these 4 words can help you out as well. […]

Like me, I’m sure many of you are beauties on a budget. While I enjoy certain luxuries of my New Jersey life, I definitely miss…

According to WorldatWork, an HR research firm, you are at the perfect age to begin accumulating wealth that will last through retirement.  Read More:


Hot weather may make many people upset and feel tired. Everyone was looking for ways to make the heat turn into cool. So, not the least of their choosing to find a place that has a refrigeration or air conditioning. However, as we know, there is air circulation of cooling or air conditioning is not […]

With many Americans low on extra cash this year, the prevailing question, “To regift, or not to regift?” has probably come up for many of you. While some may see this as a tacky practice, I’m all for recycling when it’s both possible and practical. Here are 5 simple rules for keeping your holiday recycling […]

There are certain insurance policies that are a waste of your money, according to some financial experts. One of the most wasteful policies, the experts say, is standard life insurance on a child. Life insurance is intended to provide for survivors in the event of a breadwinner’s death. Most kids are not breadwinners in the […]

VIA Staying on top of one’s finances can be a daunting challenge made more difficult by money-management myths we believe and little lies that we often tell ourselves. In some areas of life, a little white lie might be perceived as harmless. But when it comes to money matters, the myths and misconceptions we […]