Check this out.  According to Elite Daily, If you’re looking to play hooky science says there’s an ideal time to call out: 6:38 a.m on a Tuesday. Market research company Attest recently asked 1,000 employees about this and found most agreed the best excuse to give your boss when calling in sick is telling him […]

With bittersweet emotion, President Obama attended his sixth and final White House Science Fair on Wednesday, witnessing projects from more than 130 bright students, who presented ideas to save the planet, and treat Ebola, reports NBC News.

New research explains why Black and low-income students lag behind more affluent White peers in science. The researchers recommend early exposure to science.

The People’s Station, Majic 102.1 was able to get on the move and be a part of the 11th Annual Port City, Texas Health, Education, and Science Fair and Carnival.  We are always excited about getting out and being active in the Sunnyside community.  It is very rewarding to be able to give back and […]

"It looks like I'm special, but I'm not. I'm no different from anybody else," Hadiyah-Nicole Green said. "When opportunity found me, I was prepared."

If you love taking selfies, then you’ll love this story from Tech Crunch, The act of taking selfies has invaded pop culture around the world and now researchers at Brazil’s UFMG and Korea’s KAIST are attempting to define the phenmenon in a new paper called Dawn of the Selfie Era: The Whos, Wheres And Hows of […]

Although I suffered from Asthma as a child I was fortunate to grow out of the condition.  That’s how they said it back then.  But many deal with Asthma all of their lives and it wasn’t until I was older and had a musician friend die from an Asthma attack that I finally realize how […]

When the parents of two Nigerian immigrants gave birth to a baby boy in 1980, we’re betting they didn’t realize that their son’s name and…

It’s time for a little biology lesson.  We’ve found 5 facts about sperm that can’t wait for the classroom.  Click here for More.

(HOUSTON)–The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) is now offering Bachelor’s degree programs in Civil, Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas Southern University. The new additions…

From The Huffington Post, here are 5 habits that science proves will help us live longer. 1. Step away from the remote. Face it. You know the more time you spend on Netflix, binging on marathon TV sessions, the less likely you are to pull yourself away and make time for the gym. But here’s […]