How many selfies do you take in a week? Well, according to The Daily Mail, University of Toronto researchers analyzed the perceptions of self-taken photos– both by the selfie-takers themselves, and by others– and found participants rated selfies are less-attractive compared to photos of the same person taken by others. The scientists had 198 undergraduate […]

If you love taking selfies, then you’ll love this story from Tech Crunch, The act of taking selfies has invaded pop culture around the world and now researchers at Brazil’s UFMG and Korea’s KAIST are attempting to define the phenmenon in a new paper called Dawn of the Selfie Era: The Whos, Wheres And Hows of […]

Selfies could soon be useful for something other than practicing your duck face. MasterCard is going to begin experimenting this fall with using selfies as a way to approve online payments to reduce fraud. According to CNN, it would work by having users check out by putting their smartphone cameras up to their faces and […]

Dwayne Johnson rocks a selfie at every given opportunity, and these are some of our favorite shots from his collection.

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Jumping into what is mostly the domain of young tweens with preening duck lips, Hollywood hunk Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has a new title – king of the selfies. The star of edge-of-your-seat action thriller San Andreas set a new Guinness World Record for the most selfies taken in three minutes, at the world premiere of […]

This guy is charged w choking/beating his wife b/c she posted selfies online. Look who’s online now Julio Benitiez! — Evan Onstot (@EvanOnstot) May…


Big Papi done messed it up for everyone!  According to CBS News, “Selfies” with President Obama may no longer be allowed after baseball star David Ortiz orchestrated one for a Samsung publicity stunt. “Maybe this will be the end of all selfies,” White House Senior Adviser Dan Pfeiffer said about the incident Sunday on CBS’ […]

Just in case you didn’t think we were living in a time where we share way too many of the most intimate details of our…

For all you  narcissist people who like to take pictures of yourself and post them on social media, here are ways to take better selfies, courtesy of 1. Forget your reflection. 2. Check what’s going on behind you. 3. Your face should be naturally lit, but avoid direct sunlight. 4. Keep it clean. 5. […]

01/15/14- Who knew Huggy Lowdown despised selfies so much?! Find out why after you listen.