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couple-bed-phoneJust in case you didn’t think we were living in a time where we share way too many of the most intimate details of our lives, check this new trend out. #AfterSexSelfies surfaced on Instagram recently and it proves one thing–intimacy is a thing of the past. Right after you and your lover climax, the new “it” thing to do is grab your phone and snap a selfie, share that selfie on Instagram with the hashtag #AfterSexSelfie. The intimacy is beautiful, no?

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These post coital snapshots could be seen as art, but honestly, anything that is shared on Instagram has the intention of showing off. After cruising through photos under the hashtag, I was greeted with faces of bliss, couples laying in their own love juices, making faces, cuddled up and there’s even some solo artists out there, snapping photos of their favorite after self-love snack.

The whole hashtag stinks of a generation who Instagrams their entire lives and think something only counts “if it’s on Facebook.” Oh, what will they think of next?

Check out a few of the happy couples participating in the trend:

What do you think about this trend? Let’s chat @Rhapsodani.

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