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My piece about a middle school teacher incorporating Twitter in his classroom has generated a lot of tweets itself. Enrique Legaspi, a history teacher in East Los Angeles, recently began requiring his students to tweet to foster greater participation in his classes — especially among shy students.

The reaction to this phenomenon was sharp on both sides. People seem to be either for it or against the idea of students tweeting their way through an education — with not much middle ground.

Here’s a sample of what we’re seeing:

@cwindon: “The concept is fine but Twitter shouldn’t be taught in school. What about the parents who don’t want kids using social media?”

@meanmindyjean: “I hope my own children’s teachers will consider this. My son would benefit. Twitter finds a place in the classroom.”

@BarneySTJ: “Not sure if i agree with how this teacher is using twitter in the classroom but I definitely agree with the attempt.”

@mightyjackstar: “The changing face of the classroom, and I think it’s great – Twitter helps shy kids speak up in class.”


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