“I wish I knew how to develop a better relationship with my daughter,” my friend commented. “As she gets older, it just seems that we have less to talk about. She just doesn’t climb up in my lap anymore and I miss being close to her.” My friend’s experience with a changing father daughter relationship is […]

This is a Must Read, even if you are in love with your Job, this will give your something to think about.  Originally published on LinkedIn, author James Altucher lays out the case for why “you have to quit your job.”  And he does it convincingly with truth and clear thought that you will only […]

Askmen.com put out a list on ten things that you’re wasting money on. 1. Cigarettes. 2. ATM fees. 3. The lottery. 4. Coffee shops. 5. Cable TV. 6. Wasting food. 7. Tax Rebates. 8. Health supplements. 9. Bottled water. 10. Paying interest. (askmen.com)

See if you’re guilty of misusing these words.  Click here to find out what the words are.

Here is Madenoire.com‘s 10 ways to heal after a heartbreak. Travel Nothing, and I mean nothing – washes away the sadness of a failed relationship like traveling. You can go around the corner, down the street, or to another city, it doesn’t matter. A change of scenery (as well as drinking out of a coconut) will […]


After being gone missing for more than ten years Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight and Gina DeJesus has been found.  Charles Ramsey heard yelling from the house on Seymour Avenue and went to rescue the young ladies.  Read the full story here and check out Charles Ramsey’s take on what happened when he rescued the women […]

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed?  Here are 10 ways to be more productive in your life — via Madamenoire.com. Rank tasks by importance Rather than feel overwhelmed by everything coming at you at once, prioritize your responsibilities by importance. What do you need to take care of ASAP? What can wait until the end of the week? […]

Here are ten green super foods to stay healthy.  They call it the St. Patrick’s Day picks.  Check them out here.

  New research from the National Sleep foundation finds that just ten-minutes of exercise per day would make a difference in the duration and quality of a person’s sleep. For the study one-thousand people were surveyed via telephone and more than 75-percent of those who identified themselves as exercisers said they slept well, compared with just […]

1) Send a card before the date. Planning ahead will show your lady you are thoughtful, that you are genuinely looking forward to celebrating the day with her. A simple message like, “Can’t wait to see you tonight, beautiful” will go a long ways. Trust me. I recommend sending a physical card, of course. Ladies are sentimental, […]

1) Because stalking is an ugly word. Isn’t it though? It’s just as bad as “golf,” or “moist,” or “panties.” Or even worse, “golfing and stalking in moist panties.” 2) Because you don’t need to see that stuff. Wait. They’re happy without you? And you’re staring at it via your computer screen? No thanks. 3) Because you’ve matured. […]

Jobs With the Highest Psychopath Rate: 1) CEO 2) Lawyer 3) Media (Television/Radio) 4) Salesperson 5) Surgeon Jobs With the Lowest Psychopath Rate: 1) Care aide 2) Nurse 3) Therapist 4) Craftsperson 5) Beautician/Stylist (The Frisky) Get the full list here.