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1) Send a card before the date. Planning ahead will show your lady you are thoughtful, that you are genuinely looking forward to celebrating the day with her. A simple message like, “Can’t wait to see you tonight, beautiful” will go a long ways. Trust me. I recommend sending a physical card, of course. Ladies are sentimental, and we love having physical mementos to remind us of a fun experience.

2) Send flowers the day before, the morning of, or while she’s at work. Although a little clich￿every woman loves to receive flowers. The key is to make the flowers a surprise. Preparation is important here; florists can charge a ton if you make a last minute order on Valentine’s Day, so schedule a delivery a few days beforehand, if possible.

3) Make her heart melt with lines from famous love quotes. Whether from her favorite romantic comedy or her favorite poem, ladies swoon over beautifully expressed displays of affection. Find a line you know she loves and memorize it, then say it to her over dinner. Or write a few of these lines on pieces of paper and slip one into her purse, one into her coat pocket or maybe a gym bag. This is just another little way you can bring a smile to your special someone’s face.

4) Plan an intimate dinner at home. Valentine’s Day constantly gets knocked for being overpriced, but one way to beat the pricey restaurant rush is to avoid it completely by planning a delicious meal at home. A dinner at home will be much more intimate. Also, staying in will let you enjoy more time together without pesky commuting. Maybe choose something that you have been wanting to try for awhile, or spice up an all-time favorite. I recommend choosing a meal equal to your cooking experience. For example, if you never ever cook you probably shouldn’t try Julia Child’s Bouef Bourguignon for your Valentine’s meal. Maybe try experimenting with some new sides or seasonings, without the fear of messing up the entire dinner.

5) Pair your dinner with the perfect wine or champagne. There aren’t many holidays that beg for wine or champagne like Valentine’s Day, but don’t get intimidated by the overwhelming choices out there. Everyone can benefit from a sommelier’s experience with the fantastic wine pairing apps in the market. One great rule of thumb, choose a wine with a similar intensity as the food you are preparing. You wouldn’t want to serve a Pinot Noir with a NY steak; instead, choose a bolder and more flavor-forward wine, like Merlot or Zinfandel.   (Mashable)

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