Holiday Grammar: Top Trending Slang Words of 2014   The other day I was having a truly comical conversation with our very own Uncle Funky Larry Jones in which the topic of “What is a THOT?” came up.  The glee and amazement that came over his face at the revelation… He had silently been wondering […]

From The Minds of Men: Top 5 Things Every Woman Deserves to Experience They say a good woman works hard and loves even harder. So a wise man knows to reward that which is seen and unseen.  Today, I was inspired by Chris Rock’s new movie “Top 5” to ask 5 good men (and even […]


  When something becomes a hit in pop culture, the natural response is to make fun of it. And with billions of fans and sales…


There are a lot of actors we love, but there is a short list of the truly underrated. These actors seem to toil without the benefits of awards, hype, 10-picture deals and box office success. http://www.blackamericaweb.com/?q=articles/entertainment/movies/38071

This is hardly a definitive list of smart brothers, but we wanted to give props to a few we knew across the age gamut who’ve contributed mightily to overcoming the stereotype that black men can’t be intellectual. These brothers read, write, teach and speak and do their part to brighten up the world with their […]

This Sunday R. Kelly will be entering the city and performing at The Toyota Center.  So we decided to make our list of Top 5 R. Kelly Music Videos. Check out our selection.