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From The Minds of Men: Top 5 Things Every Woman Deserves to Experience

They say a good woman works hard and loves even harder. So a wise man knows to reward that which is seen and unseen.  Today, I was inspired by Chris Rock’s new movie “Top 5” to ask 5 good men (and even the questionable ones) around my office the following question: “What are the Top 5 Things Every Woman Deserves to Experience?” I was actually surprised by some of the answers I received. Others, were well … you’ll see for yourselves. From the interesting mouths and minds of men, check out the guys’ perspective below:

What are the Top 5 Things Every Woman Deserves to Experience?

  • Man 1: Loyalty (He couldn’t think of anything else after this).
  • Man 2: Fall in Love. Have a Child. Good Vacation. Equality (in success or pay grade). Growing old with someone (marriage).
  • Man 3: Her cycle. Discovering her fashion identity. First Boyfriend. Loss of virginity. Child birth.
  • Man 4: An orgasm. That spa thing with the rocks on your back. Being in Love. A Man that is 100% faithful. Happiness which includes no worries financially and her man accepting her unconditionally.
  • Man 5: A trip to Paris. A formal date: Dinner, Dancing, Theater/Ballet. Throwing a holiday party for friends and family. Finding a good man who UNDERSTANDS you, not that you’re the most beautiful in the world or the smartest in the world, but that understands you.
  • Repeated/Honorary Mentions: A wild and crazy night; a European vacation; Sex on the beach; Growing old to see your grandchildren; Unconditional Love; Orgasm; Motherhood; Having to work, WITHOUT having to pay the bills.


The movie TOP FIVE is in theaters now starring Chris Rock, Rosario Dawson, Kevin Hart, Gabrielle Union, Cedric the Entertainer  and more. I heard its lots of laughs. Watch the trailer here or you can visit the official site: