Holiday Grammar: Top Trending Slang Words of 2014


The other day I was having a truly comical conversation with our very own Uncle Funky Larry Jones in which the topic of “What is a THOT?” came up.  The glee and amazement that came over his face at the revelation… He had silently been wondering for MONTHS what folks were talking about when they used the popular acronym. (WHO KNEW it actually stood for something!?)


Are you in the same language boat? Ever wondered about the latest #hashtags on Facebook or Instagram? Or perhaps you’ve found yourself TOTALLY lost when listening to any of today’s urban conversations. Here is a list of top slang words that have been trending in 2014 and are sure to be used for a little while longer into 2015. Now you can understand your nieces, nephews or even grand kids at the Holiday party or look “hip” at the company party!



Acronym standing for “That H’ over There” (use your imagination with the H)

How It’s used: “I can’t mess with that THOT. She/He is bad news.”  (Yea, who knew?)



A way to say something is on point.

How It’s used: “My eyebrows are FLEEK”. “My ‘fit (outfit) is FLEEK”



Acronym for “Let Me Know”. A variation of this, used in select circles is LANK “Let A Ninja Know” (again, use your imagination with the N)

SLANG 4: “Bye, Felicia”

A line taken from popular movie “Friday” starring Ice Cube. It’s used when someone is saying something totally absurd, full of it or just plain irritating.

How it’s used: You have to stretch it out for emphasis.  When you’re just over the conversation  or are ready to dismiss someone you say: “Byyyyye Felicia!”



One of the most used slang/acronyms of 2014 was definitely “BAE”. It’s in reference to the love of your life, your significant other, a long time crush or someone you would like to have as your own. Some think it’s simply short for the word “baby” but actually it means the person you put  “Before Anything Else.”


We hope this helps elevate your language skills (lol) or at least gives you a better understanding of today’s slang.

Check out Lionel Richie’s daughter, Nicole Richie as she shares her revelation on what a ‘THOT’ and Bye Felicia below:


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