It’s three weeks into the NFL season – how’s your team doing? Of course, football is in the air these days but there’s a lot else happening over the weekend. The 64 Annual Emmy Awards honors excellence in primetime television and this year, cable is dominant. HBO leads all nominations and the two most nominated […]

Mary J. and D’Angelo continue on their “Liberation” tour, and Anthony Hamilton and Fantasia are right behind them on the concert road this weekend. Usher talks exclusively to Oprah Winfrey on her riveting “Oprah’s Next Chapter” and finds out all the juicy details of his former marriage and how he felt about winning his custody […]

Yes, it’s that time of year again. If you haven’t already gotten your back-to-school supplies, you’d better get them now since school starts again for many kids around the country after the holiday weekend. Some have already started but you know sales will be jumping off this weekend so make sure to catch them. Mary […]

Sherman Hemsley played George Jefferson on the hit sitcom ‘The   Jeffersons’ – He passed away on July 24, 2012.

Child stars are just the cutest when they arrive on hit TV shows. They are so cute, young and innocent. Some of the best child stars include Orlando Bloom from Family Matters and Todd Bridges from Diff’rent Strokes. Can you believe they were one of the few child stars who had their share of run-ins with the law?Check […]

Ahh, the 90’s, one of the best decades in the history of the Black television series’. “Martin,” “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air,” “Living Single,” “The Jamie Foxx Show,” “Moesha,” “The Wayans Bros,” “The Cosby Show” and “The Parkers”–all shows that will forever be timeless in Black TV. I can watch reruns of these shows over […]

One of the highlights of attending San Diego Comic-Con, last week, was seeing the cast of FOX’s animated series, ‘The Cleveland Show,’ who are celebrating its upcoming second season.