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You’ve got a college degree. You are a professional at what you do. You write well.  You speak well. With those qualities, you may think of representing yourself in court when what you need is an attorney. Even more, than the reasons I’ve already mentioned, one of the most prominent reasons is, quite simply, cost. […]

In every state, some lawyers specialize in the area of bankruptcy law.  For many people, bankruptcy is their only option to get out of debt. Some people struggle for months, even years, to manage their finances. After trying all other less radical solutions to their debt problems, they have to throw in the towel and […]

The political issues of today, namely the impeachment of a president, have caused me to reflect on how we have come to what some feel is a constitutional crisis in America. I do not wish to be political. But, I hope that you will take a few moments to understand better the foundation of the […]

Texas has a long history of discrimination as it relates to political mapmaking. Coming up on Tuesday lawmakers will begin the 2021 round of redistricting for the first time in nearly 50 years with no federal oversight. The new political boundaries are supposed to be drawn to account for the state’s booming population. In every […]

State District Judge Tanya Garrison has ruled the voter-passed Proposition B is void because it violates the Texas Constitution. In her ruling, she added that Prop B was preempted by a chapter of the Texas Local Government Code. Wednesday, Mayor Sylvester Turner indicated that the previously announced layoff notices issued to more than 300 firefighters […]

Texas Southern University was the location for the first-ever presidential forum organized to focus on women of color.  Several 2020 Democratic presidential candidates appeared before a packed house. MSNBC’s Joy Reid, Aime Allison of She the People, and audience members asked policy-specific questions of the eight candidates on hand. The greatest focus was on affordable […]

The U.S. Supreme Court refused to review a decision from the 9th Circuit that the “pose” that inspired the Nike logo, depicting the gravity-defying leap of Michael Jordon could not be copyrighted. The case was filed by former Life Magazine photographer Jacobus Rentmeester who claimed the famous 1984 photograph of Jordon commissioned by Nike was an […]

State officials conceded that at least a quarter of a list of nearly 100,000 Texas voters flagged for citizenship review should never have been questioned. That’s because Texans have to present documentation, either as a citizen or as a legal permanent resident, to receive an identification card from the state. Following this process, voters who […]

As a bankruptcy attorney, I frequently have individuals who really don’t need my services, YET. And, with a keen sense of purpose, they can avoid the credit problems that often lead to filing bankruptcy. In many cases, poor credit has evolved as a result of irresponsible money management. However, it often happens as a result […]

What You Need to Know About IRAs and Tax Benefits It’s amazing how fast time seems to be passing. As we approach the end of the year, we begin to think about taxes and how to minimize them. One of the best ways to defer taxes on income is to invest in Individual Retirement Accounts […]

Today, when it seems that so many are apathetic about exercising the franchise, I thought it fitting to recognize the anniversary of  Lawrence Aaron Nixon who walked into the same El Paso polling place that had denied him his ballot twenty years before. On that day, July 22, 1944, he voted in a Democratic primary. […]

Last week, I got a call from one of my law clients, a victim of the recent flooding. I was told that the family had to move because they had more than a foot of water in their home.  Questions began to fly about what to do, especially since the family had no flood insurance. […]