Michelle Obama says thank you for all the hard work done during election and the battle is not over. We as a people cannot just vote then go to sleep. Its more than just a vote that makes a change. Related Stories: Obama’s Best Moments Of 2012 Obama Looks To Avert Fiscal Cliff Disaster, Offers […]

I heard story about this but I didn’t belive it was really happening until now check out this video

President Barack Obama called into our sister station Power 107.5 and answered the typical questions like why we need to vote, and what impact celebrities like Jay-Z have on the election.  But The President also answered the hard questions.  Like what is he going to get his daughters if he wins this election.  You won’t […]

DeLoyd Parker of Shape Community Center reminds listeners to call or visit Shape online for help with voting day questions, concerns and rides to the poll.  Contact Shape Center at 713-521-0629 or online at    

Carmen Watkins, NAACP SW Regional Director and Arva Howard, Election Judge visit Sunday Morning Live to answer listener questions about voting on Election Day. For voter questions and information visit the NAACP website If you should encounter problems or any type of voter intimidation or harassment at your polling site please call and report this […]

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee talks about issues concerning our community and the importance of voting on Election Day.  If  you should encounter problems or any type of voter intimidation or harassment at your polling  site please call and report this information immediately to the Department of Justice at 202-307-2767 or toll free at 1-800-253-3931.

Voting is something you must do! It is not a choice. It is a responsibility. With the development of popular government comes the duty of…

      State State Representative Sylvester Turner talks about the big Voter Rally in Acres Homes and discusses the importance of voting November 6th with listeners.

Sunday Morning Live listerners call in with informationto encourage others listeners to vote on Election Day.  Voting information for Harris County can be found at


Via: Find your voting location at the site above so that you’ll know exactly where you are to go to cast your vote on this Tuesday, November 6th Election Day. Remember if you have a senior citizen or know of any citizen that has a disability or impairment and they want to vote but are not able to […]

Michelle Obama called into Power 107.5/Columbus to talk to The Power Morning Crew about the importance of not only voting, but voting early! The First Lady…

Taneshia Hudspeth, Elections Administrator with the Harris County Clerk’s Office answers questions for listeners regarding the voting process in Harris County for the upcoming Election 2012. Click below to listen or continue reading below! On the dead voters letters: Nothing will take place as far as moving them from the voting roll for November’s election, […]