Meet 20 year old Marques Brownlee aka “MKBHD” who has been called ‘The Best Technology Reviewer On The Planet right now’ by former Google VP, Vic Gundotra. Check out Business Insider’s story on Marques and the quality of his tech reviews. Or, check out his YouTube Channel ‘MKBHD’ for yourself. Click here for More.

You don’t have to be “up to no good” to be concerned with how your mobile phone is tracking your every move. But, you should check this out anyway. Your phone is keeping track of You. Click here to READ MORE.

D-Nice tells his story from the great Boogie Down Productions crew and how rejection of a musical beat led him to stardom. Then leaving the Music industry and later touring the world opening for Stevie Wonder and DJing for The President. Check out his story from Click here for MORE.

Hair is really important when it comes to how we look. Trichologist Philip Kingsley says, “Hair is called a secondary sexual characteristic. You can’t flaunt your primary sexual characteristics in public, at least not in western society, so that’s what makes your hair important from a social viewpoint.” Kingsley says long, glossy hair is popular […]

We all can get caught up in our emotions, sometimes, at the job.  And sometimes we say certain things that may not be worded right.  Here are some phrases that you should not say at work.  See what they are by clicking here.

How does the number of views a video gets influence your clicks.  That number may not be true.  YouTube is cracking down on all those fake views by major artist. Click here to READ MORE.

Solange Knowles is back on the scene with a new single, Losing You. Check out the teaser below!

It’s Choose You TIme…   I Kandi Eastman have made a commitment to put my health first by joining the American Cancer Society’s “Choose You Movement”.  I’m staying active.  Parking further away from the elevator, taking the stairs, and taking a evening stroll a few times a week. Black Breast Cancer Survivors