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George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Will Smith…these used to be the names mentioned when the topic of “The Perfect Man” was discussed. If you haven’t heard, that debate is now over. What is the name of the reigning “Perfect Man”? Well, not many people actually know his name (it’s Isaiah Mustafa), but mention the title of “Old Spice Guy” and people probably know who you are talking about. Mention “that guy in the Old Spice ads wearing nothing more than a bath towel,” and they’ll definitely know.

As seen in the overwhelmingly popular commercials, Old Spice Guy can do, well, pretty much everything (and they imply that a man who uses the product could do pretty much everything, too). On Tuesday, this guy performed perhaps his most amazing feat to date: he got a woman to agree to marry a mere mortal man.

That mortal, Johannes S. Beals, now known to the world as “Jsbeals,” bowed down to the greatness of the deodorant pitchman — via Twitter — and asked Mustafa to propose to his girlfriend on his behalf

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