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Via  J.C. Brooks at EurThisNThat:

Lady Gaga is making me “gag gag” with the raw meat dress she wore to MTV’s Video Music Awards last night.  The singer usually has some sort of  method to her madness, but the reasoning she came up with for this one is a little far fetched.  She went to Ellen Degeneres’ show and tried to provide an explanation, but between the gay rights in the army and our rights and her apology to vegans and animal activists, I got lost in translation.

The Lady Gaga that appeared on Oprah back in January seems to be slipping into her Hollywood personna and losing some of the substance of the little New York girl who went by the name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, studied classical piano, and had a catholic school upbringing.  She herself may be getting lost in translation.  Which could be quite easy with all the wardrobe changes and keeping up with the definition of every outfit.  But she better be careful or she will simply become a show…a walking sideshow that the media won’t hesitate to ruin.

Check her out during the Ellen interview.  She’s so Bright….Lights!

-J.C. Brooks