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Recently, our sister site TheUrbanDaily, wrote about five things women should stop doing. So I figured I’d even the odds and do one on men. Note this is not a tear the men of this world down article. Nor do I have the intention of making men feel bad about them selves. This is simply a list of things you could improve upon in your life.

1.Playing, Talking Or living Your Life Solely Base On Video Games

There’s a thin line between fun and loser-ville. Most men are a little childish at heart, and sometimes that’s kind of a turn on. When those lines get blurry and you ask me for ” you time” with call of duty or Xbox love making, instead of taking me out; then we have a problem. I have met too many guys who care more about the new XBOX games than what’s going on in the real world. Wake up guys, you are a big boy now with big boy bills and problems. Its ok to play video games once and a while, but if my Friday and Saturday nights are filled with shot them up games…Maybe I should be with someone else.

2.Not Doing Enough Around The House

Washing dishes, laundry and cooking, are no longer just women’s duties. We live in a time where both men and women have to work in order to maintain a proper net worth. So if I work just as many hours as you, what makes you think that the household is solely my responsibility? Stop expecting women to be superheroes and clean up after yourself.

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3.Not Messaging Us Back

By us, I mean women. Whether its texting, bbm, aim or email, playing cat and mouse gets a little old. We may play along for a little while but when it gets to be a constant, you may find that your lady friend is interested in someone else.

4.Having A Constant Tough Guy Personal

Don’t get me wrong; every woman wants a strong man. Being manly isn’t a crime! When we go out and you yell at every single person we encounter, even if they didn’t offend your manly pride, then you may be crossing the border of being manly to scary. So relax, don’t be a big bully and stop putting on an act.

5.Not Eating Right

Believe or not, a proper diet consists of more than meats and carbohydrates. Men want their women to look like super models, but yet your belly hangs over your privates. Not sexy! So try fitting a salad or two into your day. The change in your health will amaze you.

6. Only Saying Sorry, When She Says You Should

I can’t tell you how many arguments I’ve witness in public, where this happens: She says “And you didn’t even say you’re sorry,” and the man says,” Well you know I am!” These half a** apologies are useless in my book. You’re not a kid anymore and you should know when your wrong. So suck it up and say the words.

7. Using Cat Calls, To Try And Pick Up Women

There is nothing more annoying than a man who thinks whistling or saying disrespectful comments will land him a girlfriend. It’s stupid and shows that you have nothing on your mind but sex. Yes, some not so special women may fall for it, but for those of us who can’t stand it; you should consider revamping your style of pick up lines.

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8.Talking About Our Sex Life With Your Friends

This has got to be the worse thing a man can do. Your friends don’t need to know what positions we do during sex, nor do they need to know how much of a freak I am. Men tend to not respect women when they hear things like this. So do the world a favor and keep it to yourself.

9. Blaming The World For Not Having A Job

Yes, we are in a recession. Yes, Presidents and many men before them have leaded us into this current state of unemployment rates. Do you really think this is a good excuse to sit on your butt and collect a check? I hear so many men saying “oh the man is keeping me down,” or its all Bush’s fought. That sounds like blah,blah,blah to me! Mickey D’s is always hiring and I feel like until that next big thing comes around, sometimes you have to humble yourself to make ends meat. Also, don’t give up, keep searching and applying. You should spend about three hours a day applying for jobs.

10. Paying More Attention To Your Phone, Than Me

The attachments we have to these cell phones are crazy nowadays. If your wife or girlfriend has to fight for your attention because you are texting your friend, then you may have a problem. Communication is key in any relationship. Unless you’re a doctor or the president of the United States, there is no need to be glued to your phone. Try turning off your phone as soon as you get home. This will free up your time to focus more on your family and love ones.

11.Ignoring Your Children

Ok, if you stick it in, without a raincoat, the end result is most likely a baby. So that 45 second muscle spasm, is worth 18 years of child support and quality time. So grow up and take care of your children. No excuses, no return fee, they are here to stay and you should be a man about it.

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