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The adult son of former Washington, D.C. Mayor and current Ward 8 D.C. City Councilman Marion Barry, Jr. was arrested and charged with possession and intent to distribute PCP, according to charging documents released yesterday.

Documents from the Superior Court of D.C. indicate Marion Christopher Barry was arrested on May 28 at around 10:44 p.m. at his apartment at 4337 Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave., SW, Washington, D.C., where he was allegedly involved in a domestic dispute. Police were flagged down and led to the home by a citizen who claimed to have heard fighting and screaming inside the apartment.

When police entered the home, they discovered Barry, 31, standing in the house near a table with drugs on it. He allegedly tried to escape by leaping from a window. Shortly afterward, Barry returned to the apartment, where he was treated for a bloody foot before police arrested him, according to documents.

Court records also indicate investigators discovered a one ounce vial filled three-fourths with a liquid they believe was PCP on the table inside the home. Officers also discovered five sandwich bags filled with marijuana. They reportedly observed blood at the entrance of the apartment, which led them to conduct a search of the premises for victims of violence, but none were found.

Barry is being charged with a drug felony and is being represented by Fred Cooke, Jr., who has not officially commented on the case. Marion Barry Jr. declined to comment on his son’s arrest through a spokeswoman.

Barry’s next court date is July 27.

His father, the colorful and controversial veteran D.C. politician, struggled for decades with substance abuse.

During his third term as mayor of D.C., Marion Barry Jr. was infamously captured smoking crack on videotape in a sting operation conducted by D.C. Police and the FBI on Jan. 18, 1990 at the Vista Hotel.

He was charged with 10 counts of misdemeanor drug possession and one misdemeanor count of conspiracy to possess cocaine.

This drug arrest is not the first scrape with the law for the younger Barry, who is the only son of Marion Barry Jr. and his third wife, Effi, who died in 2007.