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So if last week’s episode of “The T.O Show” wasn’t a big enough introduction of Kita’s “battery operated boyfriend” in which she respectfully named, “Ted”, on this week’s episode we were introduced to Ted’s larger, bigger and more powerful brother/homie/best friend who shall remain nameless..

John Salley made an appearance on this week’s episode and unveiled to the world Kita’s new “toy” (which should have been hidden deep in the darkest corner of her room) and brought it out for everyone to see. After smelling it (GROSS!) he showed it to T.O who’s facial expression was PRICELESS and the jokes wouldn’t end. LOL poor Kita!

John Salley’s actual purpose on this week’s episode wasn’t to reveal Kita’s vibrator (believe it or not). He was actually there to talk with T.O about how to expand his career and to host a bikini contest in which T.O was judging and Kita secretly participated in, and won! (And her body is banging by the way!)

Kita’s moment of glory didn’t last very long as she was visited by her ex-boyfriend who broke her heart many years ago. Their awkward meeting was only for him to reveal to Kita that he was still in love with her and try to rekindle some old flames. Kita gave him the boot once again because she couldn’t forgive him for his past mistakes and let T.O know that he should keep his nose out of other people’s business. T.O responded with, “You outta be grateful somebody’s trying to love your little ass..” and Kita went home to Ted (just kidding lol)

What did you think about this week’s episode of “The T.O Show”?

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