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On this episode of “Lala’s Full Court Life”, Lala takes us behind the scenes of all her New York press tours. She heads over to “Good Day New York”, “The Wendy Williams Show” and our favorite, “Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club Morning Show”. She seems to be feeling a bit better about her NY transition this week after doing her press runs, seeing Melo’s huge billboard near Madison Square Garden and spending time with her two besties, Dice and Po.

Lala mentioned during one of her interviews that she hadn’t met any of the other Knicks wives yet and worries that her statement would be taken the wrong way and turned into “Lala against the Knicks Basketball Wives”. After clearing it up during one of her interviews, she heads to lunch with Dice and Po who decide to play a game and figure out who’s significant other loves them the most by calling them while they were working and see which one picks up the phone. First Lala called Melo and was sent straight to voicemail then Po called her girlfriend was was sent to voicemail as well! Dice was the only one successful in getting her boo to pick up the phone and was named the winner of the game.

At the end of the show, we see Lala and Kiyan getting ready to leave their hotel in Tribeca and move to a home in Westchester until they can find the perfect castle for NY’s First Family. Can’t wait to see next week’s episode!

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