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The election of Barack Obama to America’s highest office — while stirring political activism in a new multiracial generation — it has also galvanized those of the opposite ilk. Not only has the xenophobic and often racist Tea Party come to the fore, but Obama’s ascendance has also brought Neo-Nazis, Klansmen, and seemingly every wing of the white-nationalist movement in from the fringes.

Their rhetoric reads as such: If a Black man can get elected why not a white supremacist? It’s a question being asked by a growing list of white-power candidates from around the country. This new crop of bigots—some blatant, others more nuanced—characterize America’s collection of racist politicians.

We scanned the spectrum to offers a short list of legislators and officials whose bigoted comments and/or allegiance to racist organizations shed light the current state of political bigotry.

Written by Johan Thomas of

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