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When you’re planning a wedding, you are probably always updating your budget and altering figures on your wedding budget spreadsheet. You’ve probably factored in all of the basics like your dress, the cost of the photographer and the cost of your wedding venue. But there are a few elements of the wedding budget that often get overlooked. Here they are:

Minister–While many ministers may officiate your event for free (especially if you are a member of the church,) some ministers DO expect to get paid. When adding up the figures, don’t forget to apply a line item of 1% of your wedding budget to your minister. This is especially important if you’re hiring someone to officiate your ceremony or if you expect your minister to travel.

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Tax/Gratuity–You’ve found the perfect venue and the food is delicious! The meal is $40 per person. You calculate $4000 for your 100 guest event. But the math doesn’t stop there! Don’t forget the ++. In the event industry this is plus tax and plus gratuity. If you add 29% for tax and gratuity(service fees or gratuity averages at 20% and food tax varies by state,) your $4000 budget for food suddenly becomes $5160! That’s definitely a surprise you don’t want right before the big day!


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