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The Kentucky Fried Chicken Foundation is asking eligible high school seniors to tweet a photo that illustrates their commitment to education and enriching their communities. The KFC Colonel’s Scholars winner, announced December 15, will receive up to $5,000 per year to pursue a bachelor’s degree at a public university in his or her home state.

KFC started the Twitter contest last year as a way of reinvigorating its scholarship program for the social media age. The competition saw over 2,800 applicants, with the winning tweet coming from California high school senior Amanda Russell: “#KFCScholar Hey Colonel! Your scholarship’s the secret ingredient missing from my recipe for success! Got the grades, drive, just need cash!”

Other organizations, perhaps weary of wading through applicants’ lengthy essays, also are offering eager students ways to turn a 140-character message into money for college. Last summer Scholarships.com awarded a “Short and Tweet” $1,000 cash prize and Amazon Kindle e-readers to three students who tweeted winning answers to questions like, “What would an extra $1,000 for college mean to you?”

Via: CNNTECH.com

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