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kim-zolciack real housewives of atlanta Our favorite Atlanta housewives are back from their African vacation, and it looks as if things go right back to the way they were before their trip, Talls vs Smalls. Although they had a life changing experience while visiting the orphanage, it seems as if they haven’t changed their materialistic ways, especially Marlo, who has someone PACK HER CLOTHES for her while she so eloquently lounges around in her Red Bottom shoes while drinking champagne. Once they return back to Atlanta, we learn that Nene’s son, Bryson, has been arrested and put in jail for stealing razors from Walmart. In order to teach her son a lesson, Nene decides to leave him in jail for a while so that he can straighten up. She says that he’s been doing well for a while but then took five steps back down the wrong path. When she meets with Peter to help him plan his wedding anniversary celebration, Peter tries to explain to her that leaving her son in jail for that long will not help him but rather hurt him. Nene doesn’t want to hear what Peter has to say, and insists that it’s time for Bryson to learn “tough love”.

Speaking of Peter, he and Cynthia have these lavish plans for their wedding anniversary party, which includes mermaids swimming in the pool at the venue. Now where Cynthia and Peter are going to get this “mermaid” money is beyond me. I think Nene said it best, “some people choose to spend their money in different ways. Some pay bills while other’s through parties.”

Meanwhile, Kandi and Phadera visited “Chateau Sheree” a.k.a Sheree’s plot of land where her house is supposedly being built. Kandi and Phadera realized that the land looked basically the same as it did a couple months prior, meaning that no work was being done meaning that her house wouldn’t be built by the holidays, like Sheree planned. Interestingly enough, Kandi and Phadera couldn’t help but to replay the voice of Marlo during her and Sheree’s infamous argument and wonder if there was some truth to what Marlo was saying. Things that make you go hmm..

After visiting “Chateau Sheree”, Kandi and Phadera stopped by Kim’s house where Sheree and Kim were having lunch. Things seemed to be going well until Kim brought up the “black baby shenanigans” (in Phadera’a voice) and everything hit the fan. Kim was upset that Kandi supposedly said that she didn’t see Kim visiting Africa or an African orphanage for that matter, and Kandi continued to insist that she didn’t say anything about Kim not liking black babies or black orphanages. Whatever was said, Sheree was definitely instigating this argument, causing a rift in the “Smalls”.

Do you think that Sheree was wrong for telling Kim what was said during their conversation with Cynthia in Africa??


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