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There’s a new dance in town called ‘The Wobble” and if you haven’t heard of it before, then you check out the video below of some people in Houston gettin’ down!

Learn “The Wobble” and make sure you come back next week to see the next Line Dance we will be featuring!


Some of you may or may not know, but the dance has been around for a while and was originally performed by rapper V.I.C. who had the hit song, “Get Silly.” Check out the oficial video for “The Wobble”.


V.I.C | MySpace Music Videos

768 thoughts on “Check Out The Wobble

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  7. Looks like black folks are going to have to keep Hustling throughout the 21st century hahaha… We was doing this dance in High school… I was trying to see what was any different from the Hustle I’m not hating because it cracks me up when anything freaks out white people… When black people do something in sequence it’s like what’s the deal? ” How Do They Do That! ” hahaha…

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  10. I agree that this dance is not the newest line dance that is out but its def. one of the most popular. I remember when The Line Dance Queen (the light skinned, dark haired black lady in the video) and her group brought it to the Houston Line Dancers from out town. It has been here since 2009 and that instructors ball really showed youtube video viewers that Houston could wobble there butts off!! If you want to see more bad A$# line dance views, check out this Chanel from a Houston Texas native featured in the wobble video above- http://www.youtube.com/cagw42 she is good.

    I love Vics video but i looked at the entire thing and i still could never have figured out how to wobble from it!..lol I dont think they ever did the actual dance…? If it wasn’t for the instructors ball and the video they made..i would be doing the wobble an entirely different way…lol But i did LOVE the vintage take they did with the video. There is another youtube video that does the same thing with Fantasia’s Soul Food song and its to a newer line dance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MH50VxkRuS4 Fantasia-Collard Greens and Cornbread. That one should be your next feature kandi!!:) I learned this one in Line Dance class (in Houston) last month and cant get enough of its smooth style.

    I like this article…more line dances please:)

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