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We picked up this episode of “Basketball Wives” right where we left off last episode, with Ev leaping over a table to attack Jen after Jen was slapped by Nia. After the girls had to be restrained, the girls started a screaming match and Jennifer told Nia, “I guess I can’t sue you ’cause you ain’t got nothing,” (but we all know how that played out). This must have set Evelyn to level 10, because she picked up the centerpiece and threw it at Jen’s head! When is Ev going to realize that picking up these heavy objects and throwing them at people’s head is eventually going to hurt somebody?

Jen and Kesha finally leave the scene and the other girls stay behind and are extremely emotional. Ev breaks down in tears because she can’t believe that Jen would insult Nia like that. “How is that okay? You’re not better than nobody,” Ev says while talking about Jen to the other girls.

Tami believes that Jen started this whole thing and says that it could have been avoided had she just “kept it cute”.

“She asked to be smacked, so I smacked her,” Nia said. Yes Nia, you did smack her and now you’re facing a lawsuit SMH.

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Jennifer then meets up with Kenya (who’s been noticeably absent these past few episodes) and tells her what happened. She says that she’s not a fighter (that we already knew) and that she’s never had a fight in her life. She also says that she’s a “spokesmodel” for Lucid and uses her face to make money. “For me, I don’t fight with my hands. I do what the white people do, okay?” she tells Kenya, hinting to the lawsuit she filed against Nia.

When news of Jen’s lawsuit reaches the other girls, Tami thinks it’s stupid and calls it “The most ridiculous, bitch-ass thing anybody could ever do”.

The two mild mannered girls out of the bunch, Kesha and Royce, meet up and Kesha fills her in on the drama that went down at the racetrack. The girls are worried that one day, Evelyn is going to seriously hurt someone by throwing objects at their heads which will land her in jail. “What’s it going to take for Evelyn to realize she could hurt somebody?” Kesha asks, which is a question that has been plaguing “Basketball Wives” viewers for years.

To lighten the mood, Suzie, Royce and Kesha have some fun with Royce’s boyfriend (or ex boyfriend) at Dave & Busters. The girls seem to really love Royce’s boo, Dezmon, and haven’t seen her this happen in a while (since last season when she was with that other one..)

Finally, it’s Evelyn’s birthday and she celebrated by having a party full of surprises and enjoyed it with her close friends and her daughter, Shaniece. Her birthday concluded with the biggest surprise of them all: a white Maserati from Chad and she completely loses her mind! Ev’s party seemed fun and drama free, unlike Shaunies LOL

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