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As tradition states, every season of “Basketball Wives”, the ladies must go on an exotic vacay, and as tradition states, they must bring their drama with them. This year, the girls have packed up and made the trip to beautiful Tahiti but the only things they have left behind are Jen and Kenya, as they’ve managed to bring their drama with them.

Before the girls go off to Tahiti, Royce has some unfinished business with her dad. She’s still upset over her father’s intrusion on she and Dez’s relationship, and they decide to meet with Dez to get his opinion on Royce’s “dating behavior”. When Mr. Reed asks Dez is he feels that Royce is needy and Dez agrees that at times she can be, Royce instantly gets upset. She feels like both her father and Dez have ganged up on her, and can’t believe that her boo would share that information in front of her dad.  Royce then promises them both that she’s about to go back to the “old Royce” and even though I’m not sure what that means, I’m sure it can’t be anything good.

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Eventually, Dez and Royce have a one on one talk and he tells her that he still loves her, even though she can be needy at times. They hug and kiss it out, and all is well (at least at that moment). Talk about an awkward situation.

Tami has been going to her anger management classes regularly, and she says that now instead of being on 10 all the time, she’s at about an 8 (baby steps, Tami, baby steps). She talks about Keisha in her anger management classes and says that some of her anger comes from being annoyed by what Keisha does. She also tries to get Evelyn to start taking anger management classes to deal with her anger (which probably wouldn’t be a bad idea).

The anger management classes had to be put on hold because it’s time for the girls vacation to Tahiti! Two hours after the girls landed on the island, Tami already had it out for Keisha and started criticizing her because she was coughing and not covering her mouth. “As usual, Tami always has a problem for everything that involves me,” Keisha tells cameras. Oh, just wait Keisha, you haven’t seen anything yet.

After settling down in their rooms, they girls meet for their first dinner. Everything seems to be going well until Suzie brings up an idea to play a prank on Kenya when she arrives. The topic then changed to Jen, and the girls pretty much say the same thing they have been saying about her, that she’s “dead” to them.

The next day, the girls wake up bright and early to go and swim with sharks and stingrays. Keisha was excited to go and swim in the ocean with the sharks and stingrays but when she realizes how many sharks there actually are in the water, she gets scared and changes her mind. Tami gets instantly annoyed, and tells her that she has no choice, she can’t change her mind and she has to get in the water and swim with the sharks.

Keisha listens and despite her fear of the sharks, has a great time in the water, meanwhile, Tami, Ev and Shaunie are still on the boat, safe and sound.

After their shark adventure, the girls go and have a few drinks and when the drinks start flowing is when the drama begins. Keisha starts asking the girls questions about their past relationships with each other, how they met and questions about their ex-basketball boos. Tami is annoyed by this, again, and sees this as an opportunity to let Keisha know how she really feels.

“I’m not the b—h you wanna start with. Pick somebody else, but don’t you start with me,” Tami tells Keisha. Keisha just stares at Tami and doesn’t fight back, probably for fear of her life.

“Straight up, from the gate up, you need to watch what you say, ’cause I’m not that b—h, I don’t play games,” Tami continues, while Keisha continues to look her in the eye with the most confused look on her face. Now, why anybody would want to start problems with Keisha is beyond me. She’s the most non-confrontational one out of the bunch, and has avoided physical confrontation since day one.

This fight is far from over, in fact, they’re just getting warmed up!

Do you think that Tami is wrong for bullying Keisha? Let’s chat on Twitter! @xoxoSHAR

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