It’s been a while since we’ve heard a peep from Janet Jackson, outside of her Nutrisystem weight loss testimonies. Recently spotted out at Marco Glaviano’s Supermodels Gallery Party, Jackson granted That Grape Juice a quick interview. Janet opened up about a new album in the works, possibly linking back up again with Jimmy Jam and what artists wow her right now.

Check out some of the highlights of Janet Jackson’s interview with That Grape Juice below!

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What are your plans for summer?

Well, I’ll be working! Basically what I’m doing now; starting the process of getting the songs, of getting everything together for the album.

Do you have a deadline for when you want to have it completed?

No (big smile), I don’t. Yea, and I’m glad I don’t, no pressure.

What is your process for recording an album? Where does it all start?

It really starts with my life, and where I am in my life at that moment. And that’s the beginning of the energy, the beginning of the process. I need to make sure I start feeling that thing when I sit and write. That’s where true love begins.

Are there any producers you’ve worked with in the past that you plan on bringing back for your next album?

(Big smile)You mean like Jimmy J (Jimmy Jam)?

Are there any artists today who you are really wowed by?

I think Adele’s done an incredible job- a wonderful job. And you know who I love to watch? Bruno Mars. I think he’s absolutely wonderful. He’s very talented and I love how he’s kind of low-key about it. It’s nice.

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