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For crews of the Battleship Texas, it has been round the clock work to contain and stop a leak on the ship. Crews have been working 24-hour days to contain the extraordinary amounts of water leaking on board Battleship Texas. The ship turned 100 years old in May and is only one of six ships remaining that served in both World War I and World War II.

According to the ships manager, crews noticed the unusual amount of water coming on board on Saturday. Since that discovery, workers have been trying capture and seal the leak. Several pumps have been brought to the site as the water is being directed back out into the channel. Officials with the Texas Parks and Wildlife, volunteers and even a separate contractor have all teamed up to contain the leak.

There is a concern that oil can also seep into the channel. With that concern in mind workers placed a boom near the ship that is collecting any excess oil that might leak out. Workers hope to have the leak sealed by Wednesday. The ship will be checked for other leaks.

Although workers have not been able to pinpoint exactly where the leak is located, they will continue to work day and night to try to locate it and stop it.

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