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With the unfortunate passing of Michael Clarke Duncan over the weekend, heart disease and the heart attack has been given a new face for the African American community.

According to the Office of Minority Health, African American adults are 40% more likely to have high blood pressure and they are 10% less likely than their non-Hispanic White counterparts to have their blood pressure under control.

Mr. Duncan, a seemingly healthy individual, passed from complications due to a heart attack he received earlier in the year.

Because heart disease have a “look” associated with it, do you know if you are at risk for a heart attack?

Are you familiar with the signs and symptoms of a heart attack?

Are you practicing a heart-healthy lifestyle?

Symptoms of a heart attack can include any of the following:

Pain or discomfort in the jaw, neck, or back.

Feeling weak, light-headed, or faint.

Chest pain or discomfort.

Pain or discomfort in arms or shoulder.

Shortness of breath.

If you experience any of these symptoms, call 911.

Here are a few ways you can prevent a heart attack:

Don’t smoke

Reduce cholesterol intake

Lower high blood pressure

Exercise daily

Maintain a healthy weight

Manage diabetes

Reduce stress

Limit alcohol

If you have any questions about your heart or health issues, please consult a doctor or your primary care physician.